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“We are very pleased that so many Self-Published Authors have selected Quality Press to handle the production and manufacturing of their new literary ventures.”
– Yvonne Rose

Yvonne Rose is the Director of Quality Press, as well as Associate Publisher and Senior Editor at Amber Communications Group, Inc.  Ms. Rose began her stint at Amber Books in 1998 as the co-author of the Company’s flagship title, the national bestseller, Is Modeling for You? The Handbook and Guide for the Young Aspiring Black Model and has recently published, The Revised Second Edition “Is Modeling For You? The Handbook and Guide for the Young Aspiring African American Model (Amber Books) and the International best-seller, Ageless Beauty: The Ultimate Skincare and Makeup Book for Women and Teens of Color. (Amber Books)

Without hesitation, Yvonne Rose is an unbiased motivator who takes the time to understand and address the needs of all first-time authors who want to do something positive with their lives – some have been on the wrong side of the law, some are recovering addicts, some have been abused, but all get the same respect and quality service. Yvonne is steadfast in her commitment to self-published authors who dare to dream big and feels that by introducing undiscovered literature to the world marketplace as bound books and eBooks, Quality Press can change the lives of millions of people in the United States and throughout the World.  She firmly believes that “We are MANY VOICES sharing ONE EXPERIENCE…WE ALL HAVE A STORY TO TELL, but only a chosen few of us are willing or able to share that story with the masses.”

Because of Yvonne’s beliefs and because of the company’s thousands of satisfied clients, Quality Press has become the number one Self-Publishing – Book Packaging house for African Americans in the nation. Quality Press has a pool of top-quality editors and book designers with more than 200 years of combined experience in all genres of publishing and all facets of the media.  The lineup of self-published books produced by Quality Press includes:  non-fiction, fiction, biographies, poetry, business and career guides, children’s books, cookbooks, urban, historic and romance novels.

Yvonne is a top requested author for public speaking appearances and an advisor to countless aspiring authors. She gives each author personal attention, answering all their questions regarding the rules and regulations and the ins and outs of the book publishing industry.  Yvonne has received many accolades from her clients who come from all walks of life, including: doctors, attorneys, educators, coaches and lawmakers.  You’re the best!  Thanks for all your hard work!  I love my book!  Awesome job! You are such a motivating person.  You inspire me!

Yvonne has ghost-written and co-written several top selling non-fiction titles, including:  Rising up from the Blood:  A Legacy Reclaimed—A Bridge Forward The Autobiography of Sarah Washington O’Neal Rush, The Great-Granddaughter of Booker T. Washington (Solid Rock Books) by Sarah Washington O’Neal  Rush;  Natural Radiance: A Guide for Ethnic Skin Care (Global Skin Solutions Publishing) by Pamela Springer;  Fighting for Your Life: The African American Criminal Justice Survival Guide (Amber Books) by John Elmore, Esq.;  Led by the Spirit: A Sharecropper’s Son Tells His Story of Love, Happiness, Success and Survival (Strickland Books) by Robuster Strickland;  Let Them Play…The Story of the MGAA (MGAA Books) by John David;  A Journey that Matters: Your Personal Living Legacy (Lyceum Group Books) by Erline Belton;  The Messman: A World War II Hero Tells His Story of Survival and Segregation on the Battleship North Carolina (Quality Books) by Yvonne Rose and John Seagraves;  FREEZE: Just Think about It (More Than A Pro Books) by Levar Fisher;  Seven Ways to Make the Grade (Bob Lee Enterprises) by Doctor Bob Lee, WBLS Radio, New York City, Television host and Personality; Your Daily Dose of Quotes & Anecdotes: Featuring Words of Wisdom to Help You Make the Grade (Bob Lee Enterprises) by Doctor Bob Lee; and The Biography of Charles Clemons Muhammad: A Man of Faith, Service and Community (First Choice Publishing) by Charles Clemons Muhammad.

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