NINE is a perceptive contemporary book of poetry, telling the autobiographical story of Thalia Edwards, by using her honest account of how she dealt with deception and self-destruction by addressing old and new emotional scars and societal repression impacting women.



My defensive packaging read as follows; “I’m no Build-A-Woman, you’ll never recreate me. I’m out of stock indefinitely.” My heart was furnished with an unauthorized instructional guide for the next man.
Printed label; “FRAGILE! HANDLE WITH CARE BEWARE OF MISPLACED BROKEN PIECES” then they proceeded to overnight the fuck out of my existence.

A breed of WOMEN intercepted and rerouted me to absolution. I lingered in undeserving doubt since it
was I, who was partly accountable for the devastation of another woman’s heart. My intuition gave them
permission to receive my damaged condition and it was the sisterhood that restored my soul to my
destined existence.

The stigmatized filth that once buried me now gracefully disappeared into the distance. The unconditional truth crowned me whole, I had to accept that as I rejoiced in the discovery of the genuine unification of WOMEN.
Every woman in their own way said the following moralism; Choices do not define you, it’s how you survive the consequences before you unearth the lesson that will ultimately design you.

About Thalia Edwards

Thalia Edwards was born and raised in Montgomery County, Maryland by two deaf parents, African American father and Ecuadorian mother. “Nine” is Thalia’s second book which gives her readers a transparent and in-depth look into her personal life from a creative perspective in comparison to her first book “Black Codes” which highlighted her experience working in the field as an ASL interpreter in the Washington metropolitan area with children and young adults to which she gained more knowledge about herself and her community. Thalia currently resides with her family in Germantown, Maryland where she is focusing on the operation and expansion of her ASL Interpreting agency and her next literary venture.

Product details

  • Paperback: 116 pages
  • Publisher: Justly 2 Poetic Book Publishing
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1795213752

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